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With the current knowledge we now have in neuroscience, we understand  how play therapy works to reorganize the lower brain centers. So when children come in with a dys-regulated state (tantrums, anxiety, depression…), through therapy we are able to create new neural connections…helping your child to be able to regulate their inner system. In a sense, through play and connection with the therapist, the brain  rewires to be able to regulate more easily, explore more options and handle the difficulties in life with more ease.

Counseling for adults, teens and kids
I have studied many models of therapy from Internal Family Systems, to Gestalt Therapy to Music Therapy and to now, Synergetic Play Therapy (Created by Lisa Dion).  

As I work with children I see that each one has different needs. So, with my extensive knowledge of many different types of therapy... plus experience, every session is customized to meet those needs.  Whatever challenges your children may be experiencing, I will support you in taking the leap toward healing through creative play therapy.  

I am currently accepting new clients. Call 303-717-9580 to schedule an appointment.
Sally Bonkrude MA, LPC, MT-BC 
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